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New Customers

New customers will be subject to an identification verification process in order to reduce the risk

of loss by the Company. All information submitted as part of the verification and application process will be treated in the strictest confidence. It is necessary for the Company to be satisfied as to the good intentions of new customers where potentially expensive camera equipment is being hired. It is not the intention of the Company to intrude into a Customer’s privacy except in so far as it helps to protect the Company’s interests.

Identification [id or passport and drivers license ],proof of residence[utility bill or lease agreement] and a signed copy of our Terms and Conditions must be submitted to the Company by the customer, either directly or by email, to be received by the Company within 48 four hours of the booking or, where same day dispatch is required, before dispatch of the booked equipment – whichever is sooner. Failure to provide requested information may lead to the Company declining to rent to the Customer.

The Company reserves the right to refuse the order at any point where it is not satisfied with the

provided documents and related checks. The Company also reserves the right to use the Customer’s

information as part of an investigation into any loss of equipment that might occur or in any perceived

breach of these Terms & Conditions.

Where we are not satisfied with the validity of either the intended customer or the purpose for which

the equipment is being rented, we reserve the right to refuse to rent and are not obliged to provide

explanation for such a decision. Your statutory rights are not affected and all documentation

provided will be destroyed.


The equipment rented shall remain the absolute property of the Company and the customer has no right, title or interest in the equipment, except that it is rented to the Customer for an agreed period, with the customer accepting responsibility for the safekeeping of the equipment whilst in their possession. The equipment must be returned by the Customer in the condition in which it was received and in good working order.

All equipment is checked prior to dispatch. It is the responsibility of the customer to check upon receipt of the equipment that it is in good working order and in an undamaged condition.

The Company will not be responsible for any defects or deficiencies in the equipment unless notification has been made in writing upon receipt of the equipment. It is a condition of rent that the customer declares the purpose of renting the equipment and where it will be used. This is to prevent unacceptable risks being taken with the Company’s equipment. The Company reserves the right to decline a request to rent if it is not satisfied with the declared purpose of the rent.

The customer shall not assign, transfer or otherwise part with possession of the equipment during the period of rent without prior written consent of the Company. The customer will permit the Company at all reasonable times to inspect the equipment including procuring access to any premises where the goods are located. Any intention to take the equipment outside of the South Africa  must be notified in writing to the Company prior to commencement of the rental period. The Company reserves the right to decline rent for any overseas use.

The Customer shall take adequate and proper measures to protect the equipment from theft, damage and other risks. The customer shall not permit the equipment to be used for any abnormal or hazardous assignments

Loss or Damage to Equipment –Insurance

The Company requires that the customer takes out insurance on the equipment that they rent from the company. Alternatively the customer can use their own insurance provided they supply proof of insurance to the company or proof of adequate self-insurance. The company reserves the right to ask for a deposit prior to the rental which will be fully refunded upon safe return of the equipment.

The companies insurance  comes with a 10 percent (10%) excess on the replacement or repair value, limited to a minimum of R4000 (FOUR THOUSAND RAND), which the customer shall be responsible for, and covers losses against damage, loss, fire, theft, collision, and other such risks. Any funds due to the company by the customer will be paid within seven ( 7) days of the rental expiration  date.

The customer, while in possession of the Equipment, shall be responsible for maintaining adequate insurance on the Equipment, with losses payable to the company, against damage, loss, fire, theft, collision, and other such risks as are appropriate and specified by the company. Any funds due to the company by the customer will be paid within seven ( 7) days of the expiration rental date. The customer agrees that if the funds are not paid to the company that their account will be handed over to collection agencies and legal action will be taken against the customer.                                                                                                                

In the event of loss or damage of any kind whatsoever to the Equipment, the customer  agrees to immediately contact the company with an accurate description of the loss or damage. A sworn affidavit will need to be supplied to the company from the customer if requested to do so by the company. The company requires aa police case number in the event of theft.

The company expressly reserves the right to choose the repair method and venue, within reasonable market value terms. The customer agrees to be bound, legally and otherwise, by the report of the companies chosen repair venue as to the cause of the damage to the Equipment.

The Equipment shall be deemed to be "lost" when the customer has failed to return the Equipment to the company within two (2) days of expiration of the rental period. After seven (7) days, the customer shall pay to the company 10% of the replacement value of the Equipment, in terms of the Lessor’s insurance.

In the event of loss or damage of any kind whatsoever to the Equipment, the customer shall, at the company’s option, repair the equipment to the same condition in which they received it or replace the equipment with the same item or pay the company’s excess on the equipment as set forth above.

NB .The insurance provided by the company does not cover Loss due to Negligence

Theft from any unattended vehicle, vehicle that was remote jammed and equipment left unattended for whatever reason will be the responsibility of the customer renting the equipment and they will be held 100% responsible for the loss unless the equipment was locked in the boot and the theft was accompanied by forcible and violent entry or exit.


The Company assumes no responsibility for damage to tape or film materials or liability of any kind resulting from the use of the rental equipment. All digital camera CCD chips are inspected and, where necessary, cleaned before dispatch of equipment. The Company assumes no responsibility for dust attracted to the CCD after dispatch.


The customer will be required to confirm the order in writing. Proof of identification and physical address [utility bill, rental agreement] and these Terms and Conditions, signed by the customer, must be sent to the company before any order will be released. In the event of all paperwork not being available the reservation will be cancelled. Payment of 50% of the invoice amount will be required within 2 working days to confirm the booking  


It is agreed by the customer and the company that the customer can collect the rental equipment after 1pm on the day prior to the rental agreement starting.

Returning equipment

The customer agrees that  they will return the rented equipment before 11.00am on the day after the rental expiration date with all accessories and parts belonging thereto to the offices of the company in the same condition the same was received.


The customer shall have the right to cancel the order by written notice up to 3 working days before the date confirmed to collect the equipment and a full refund will be paid to the customer. If the order is cancelled within 2 days of collecting the equipment the customer will be charged for a full days rental on the equipment, this will be deducted from the 50% deposit.

Late Returns

It is agreed that in the case of a late return the customer agrees to be charged at 2 x the daily rate of the item per a day that the item is late. An order is considered to be late if the equipment is not returned by 11.00am on the due date and the customer and company have not agreed to an extension of the rental period. The customer agrees that if he does not pay this fee that his account will be handed over to a collection agency.


Payment of any monies payable to the Company in respect of any agreement between the customer and the Company shall be made to the Company on confirmation of your order and before any equipment is released.


Every effort is made to assure that descriptions and prices of Equipment are correct. The Company reserves the right to correct errors as needed. All prices and availability are subject to change without notice.


The customer shall at all times fully indemnify the Company, its employees, servants and agents against all actions, costs, claims, demands, proceedings or liabilities arising from or in conjunction with equipment, materials or any other services supplied to the customer by the Company.

Governing Law

This Agreement shall be construed and enforced according to laws of South Africa. 


All information gathered or received or relied upon by the Company will be regarded as private and will not be shared or divulged to third parties. The exception will be in the event that the customer fails to return the equipment and an investigation is conducted by the Company, in which circumstances information may, as appropriate, be shared with the police, insurance companies and other interested parties in pursuance of recovering the Company’s equipment.